Monday, July 26, 2010

Week 6: By Niesha

Tasks Completed in Week 5:
  • We blogged
  • Some apprentices finished and grouted their windows.
  • We had another group committee meeting for our unveiling event. We made a list of donations needed & tasks completed at this meeting.
  • Apprentices continued to lay glass.
  • We had a visit from Adam Carr from the radio station 88.9 to interview us.
  • Some apprentices started placing collages on window frames.
  • We chose the flyer design and got them printed for our event.
  • Apprentices worked on Manpower assignments for their Career Coaching.
  • We took pictures for our artist statements.
  • Apprentice Brandon Porter started a second mosaic.
Employability Skills Practiced in Week 5:
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Professionalism
  • Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
Goals for Week 6:
  • Blog
  • Have everyone finish & polish frames
  • Manpower-Discuss topic #2
  • Group Committee meeting on Tuesday-4:15
  • Continue working on frames
  • Work together as a team to problem solve
  • Gain more Communication & Collaboration skills, Productivity and Accountability skills and Social & Cross-Cultural skills.

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  1. I hope everyone finishes this week so we can focus more on getting everything for the unveiling event finalized and start to set things up.